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Our Mission is to give Therapeutic Outdoor Expeditions to injured Veterans and First Responders.

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Mission Statement

 To help injured Veterans and First Responders begin their path to healing.

Vision Statement

Healing Patriots was established to provide a starting point to “A New Beginning” of healing.

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Therapeutic Expeditions

What Healing Patriots Will Offer

A multiple day outdoor expedition with Healing Patriots in a quiet, tranquil setting will kick start a path to a positive and healthy lifestyle. With support of fellow patriots, the goal will be to support our heroes in the great outdoors and provide access to resources available to them and their families as they start a new beginning.

The Healing Patriots expedition I went on helped me experience a calm and peaceful environment and enjoy time with fellow veterans. I also learned coping skills to push past my PTSD.

Healing Patriots Expeditions

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Healing Patriots Impact

Healing Patriots makes an impact with Veterans and First Responders directly, and also with community events!

The HPX1 Experience for Healing Patriots Guests. For One Guest, He Finally Got the Answers to Get on the Path to Healing.

Healing Patriots kicked off their 2018 expedition season by taking five injured heroes to Sunrise Resort in Presque Isle, Wisconsin from May 12-16. Of the five guests, two were first responders (Firefighter and Police Officer) and three Veterans (2 Vietnam War and 1...
Healing Patriots, CUW, Service Dog

Healing Patriots Helps Gift A “Battle Buddy” To A CUW Veteran Student

Two months ago Board Member Ed Garza, who is the Director of Veteran Services at Concordia University Wisconsin, learned that one of his female Veteran students, who was already battling Post Traumatic Stress, was now diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer.

Cops and Bobbers 2017

The Cops and Bobbers Event is formed through a connection with the Lodi Police Department and Healing Patriots. The Cops and Bobbers event was held on August 26th and ran from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. in Lodi, Wisconsin. What is Cops and Bobbers? The primary goal of the Cops and...
Healing Patriots, Trapshoot, Fundraiser, Ozaukee Scholastic Sports

TrapShoot Fundraiser Sponsored by Ozaukee Scholastic TrapShoot Club

On Saturday August 19, 2017 the staff and students of the Ozaukee Scholastic Shooting Sports Club (OSSS) held their first trap shoot fundraiser to benefit a local Veterans organization. Fortunately for Healing Patriots, they were selected to be this year’s beneficiaries. Carrie Scheel, a program director and fundraising coordinator for OSSS, stated, “We love the mission of Healing Patriots and the opportunity for us to support Veterans and First Responders with outdoor activities made this a great for us to support.”

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