The Cops and Bobbers Event is formed through a connection with the Lodi Police Department and Healing Patriots.

Healing Patriots, Cops and Bobbers

Lodi Police Department taking kids out to fish during the Cops and Bobbers event.

The Cops and Bobbers event was held on August 26th and ran from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. in Lodi, Wisconsin.

What is Cops and Bobbers?

The primary goal of the Cops and Bobbers program is to teach kids to fish. The secondary goal is “to get kids hooked on fishing rather than drugs or crime.” Kids involved in the program get to interact with local Law Enforcement Officers, with the aim of forming positive relationships.

The event started at the Lodi Police Department, where children were taken to Sunset Landing in Okee where Healing Patriots staff had several boats ready to hit the water. The event spanned Lake Wisconsin and ended back in the city of Lodi, where lunch was provided at Habermann Park. Each boat had several officers and volunteer staff aboard.

There were 13 children with ages ranging from 7-15 years old who participated in this years event. They received a brand new fishing rod, reel and Cops and Bobbers T-shirt provided by Healing Patriots.

All who attended enjoyed the day and left with new friendships and lasting memories.

Future Cops and Bobbers Events

Cops and Bobbers is a annual event with 2017 being it’s second year. Healing Patriots will advertise future event details from their Facebook Page. If you would love your child to be involved, Like, Follow and Share what Healing Patriots does in your community.




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